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GSatRancher with Your Tools


Your Data. Your Tools.

Power BI? AgriWebb? No Problem.
Use GSatRancher with Whatever is Best for Your Operation

Working With You


Add GSatRancher data to tools you already use

GSatTrack is an excellent tool, but asking ranchers who have already invested in a livestock management system, done the setup of an entire ecosystem, and gotten familiar with the interface to just learn something new for a new source of data is not the definition of a good experience. GSatTrack and GSatRancher data can be exported to any tool that supports integrations or data imports, and GSatRancher data can even be set up to route directly to your portal of choice.

Every GSatRancher unit comes with a tracking license for GSatTrack anyway, so when it does make sense to use the portal for things like Geofences and Alerts, ranchers will still have access to those tools as well. It’s truly a best of both worlds scenario, especially for ranchers who have already made an investment in another software provider but still want to augment their operations with individual animal tracking data tomorrow.

Always Growing


New features make GSatTrack exactly what you need.

GSatTrack is a living product, and new features are added all the time to keep it at the forefront of the needs of everyone it serves. As the future of the product moves toward more and more tracked animals being added to the portal, prioritization of feature sets specifically geared towards ranching and livestock management will turn GSatTrack into an ideal system for managing all of the data related to the animals tracked within.

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