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The GSatSolar Series

Solar-Powered Satellite Tracker

GSatSolar Series devices are the perfect combination of an easy to use tracking device, industry-best powerful tracking software, and the reliability of satellite infrastructure in off-grid locations. Together, these forces make the GSatSolar Series ideal for outdoor tracking of anything with four wheels or four legs, or the perfect option for a multitude of IoT and remote status reporting applications.

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At A Glance

Small, solar-powered, low-cost tracking device rugged enough to help anyone easily track anything under the sun

Low Cost Asset Tracking

For low-cost assets, there is rarely a tracking solution that makes financial sense because replacement is cheaper than tracking. The low price and monthly cost of each GSatSolar Series device makes it easy, sensible, and affordable to get started with any asset.

Compact Tracking Terminal

Each GSatSolar Series device is a compact and lightweight tracker, making it perfect for livestock, adventure equipment, and other “where is it?” tracking applications. At just 30 grams, it is light enough to go unnoticed, regardless of where or how you mount it.

Easy to Use

Tracking is about the value of knowing where your assets are. Start today with three easy steps. Activate • Mount • Track

Powered by the Sun

Each GSatSolar Series device requires no charging, as it is powered by the solar panel on the surface of each unit. A full charge is possible with normal daily sunlight, and is good enough to allow the device to report 10 times before needing more power.

Tough Enough for Outdoor Use

Each GSatSolar Series device packs a lot of power into such a tiny package, and is rugged and reliable enough to track anything that moves through the great outdoors.

Modular Mounting Options

Whether it has four legs or four wheels, there’s a mounting mechanism that will work for you.

GSatSolar in the Wild

Real GSatSolar Applications

Cattle Tracking for Ranchers

Cattle Tracking for Ranchers

GSatSolar is the best choice for intelligent ranch and range management, allowing ranchers to spend less time driving, riding, and roaming vast grazing areas looking for their animals, and more time working on the hundreds of other things that make ranching a full-time effort.

Adventure Vehicle Tracking

Adventure Vehicle Tracking

For companies that rent adventure vehicles and other back-country equipment, being able to find a lost, stranded, or (in the worst case) stolen asset is a huge boon. Customers can also have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that as long as they stay with their vehicle, they can be found in an emergency.

Massive IoT Reporting

Massive IoT Reporting

Because of the device’s solar panel and satellite connectivity, it makes a great data transmitter for remote, outdoor assets that can’t otherwise report their data. Whether it’s tracking the location of work vehicles in the field or connecting via bluetooth to another device, each GSatSolar Series device can send critical data from the field to the portal as long as it can see the sun long enough to charge itself.

Powerful Visualization with GSatTrack

Know more than just where it is with the assistance of the industry’s leading telematics & data visualization platform

The device tells you where it is, the portal tells you so much more!

Map Visuals

See your assets in Live Mode immediately after they report a position. Choose from different map types, and activate map layers for additional information.

Location History

See not only where your assets are, but where they’ve been. History Mode allows users to select preset date ranges or custom intervals, so you can always see the position data from any point in your Assets’ reporting histories.

Stay Informed with Live Alerts

Alerts help you keep track of important things that happen while you’re not actively watching the portal. It’s one of the many ways GSatTrack helps you work smarter.

Geofencing for Quick Visuals

Along with a powerful set of tools available to leverage Geofences beyond basic use, Geofences can also help you quickly see when an asset is not where it belongs, and take action.

Reports you can Understand

Reports don’t have to be confusing. If you want to know how much time your assets spent somewhere, or how long they sat idle, there’s a simple report packed with the data you need at your fingertips.

GSatTrack Data Visualization Platform

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Get informed with the latest product updates! Launched in Q2 of 2021, the GSatSolar Series is available. Reach out to our team for assistance with your tracking needs and receive the latest information about the industry's newest, low-cost, solar powered tracking device!

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