The Simplest Solution is Often the Best One

Exactly What You Need & Nothing You Don’t

The GSatSolar Series was designed with the specific goal of providing the tracking market with a low-cost, compact, satellite-based terminal that can be used in conjunction with the industry’s best telematics visualization platform, GSatTrack, to deliver a much-needed accessible data solution. Its design and functionality make it perfect for off-grid tracking of lower-cost assets, remote IoT operations, and livestock tracking. Adding data intelligence to these industries has previously yielded quandaries related to cost-effectiveness and network connectivity, each of which have been alleviated by the introduction of the GSatSolar Series.

Size Matters

Small & Compact

Each GSatSolar Series device is a pocket-sized tracker suitable for mounting on almost any asset. Measuring just 58mm (2.2”) on its longest side, the terminal is perfectly sized and its form factor intentionally designed to be ideal for, but not limited to, livestock applications in the agriculture industry. Its small size also lends to the terminal's usefulness in tracking smaller assets that can't support mounting of larger, more cumbersome devices that are prevalent throughout the market.

GSatSolar Size Comparison to Golf Ball


Weighing just 22.2 grams (0.783 oz), each GSatSolar Series device has been weight-tested to be suitable as an ear tag for any beef or dairy cattle, and also for the majority of other livestock it can track. This lightweight design is a critical feature for the device’s success in any market.

GSatSolar Weight Comparison to 4 US Quarters

Solar-Powered Satellite Tracking Device

Free of Charge


Being solar-powered separates the GSatSolar from other low cost terminals in the market, and is the primary reason the device can be used for livestock tracking and as part of remote IoT applications. Solar power means no need to periodically charge the device as long as it gets mounted with the solar panel facing up, and the asset receives sufficient sunlight during the day. It also means no charging ports, resulting in higher ingress protection for outdoor use.

Spare Change

Low-Cost Tracking

The GSatSolar's low up-front investment and controlled monthly operating rates allow people and organizations to invest in a tracking solution for lower-cost assets, and also to manage their budget with non-variable monthly tracking costs. In the satellite market, airtime cost fluctuations have been barriers to tracking, and the GSatSolar provides an elegant solution with its fixed-rate plans.

Low Cost Tracking

IP67 and Rugged Design

Outdoor Ready

Built Tough For Outdoor Use

The GSatSolar is a rugged terminal that was designed with the intent to be used outdoors and continue to operate reliably even in harsh conditions. The device is completely sealed and self-contained in its durable case, and has an Ingress Protection rating of 67 (IP67). Materials used in the creation of the case were chosen for their strength, temperature resistance, and animal safety. There are even industrial design elements included in the GSatSolar that help prevent pooling of water, snow, and ice or buildup of dirt and mud on the surface of the solar panel.

Quick & Easy Setup

Ready Out-of-the-Box

One of the best things about the GSatSolar's simple design and functionality is that just about anyone can track assets with little to no understanding of tracking technology. Each unit comes ready to track, and only requires the user to mount it to their asset to begin collecting data. Once it's on the asset, the terminal takes care of the rest, and the tracking portal will display the location data after the device has been in the sun long enough to charge and send its first report. No engineering degree, no maintenance, and no hassle required!

Quick Installation

Many Different Mounting Options

Mount & Track

Modular Mounting Options

Because there are so many different uses for the GSatSolar, the mounting mechanisms were designed to be able to accommodate the needs of dozens of industries and hundreds of different asset types. Each unit has grooves on its sides that can work with third party products like clip mounts, as well as tie bars that work with strap mounts. This design provides endless possibilities for future development, and also allows end users to create custom mounting mechanisms that work with the pre-existing options.

Get Connected

Satellite Coverage

The GSatSolar is a satellite terminal, which is a critically important piece of its ability to deliver IoT and remote range functionality. Most low-cost trackers that exist for small assets are not capable of reporting outside of terrestrial network range, and the GSatSolar leverages the Globalstar satellite network for off-grid solutions. Anywhere a GSatSolar can see the sun and a Globalstar satellite, asset managers can track their unit.

Satellite Tracking Device

*Coverage map as of July 2023. Coverage may change at any time.