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SatCollect vs Iridium 2 Stage Dialing vs +1 Access

SatCollect is a unique solution for satellite phone subscribers that redefines how satellite calls are made. It simplifies the process and adds a multitude of valued options to the calling experience resulting in a cost savings system that is easy to use. A traditional phone call to a satellite terminal requires the caller to dial a long satellite number and pay extremely high fees charged by their phone company. If that same caller were to use...

Save Money with Local Numbers for Satellite Phones

Get a LOCAL Number and Start Saving up to 90% on calls made to your satellite phones! If you have not had a local phone number assigned to your Satellite Phone you are missing out on DRASTIC SAVINGS. Whether you use an Iridium, Inmarsat, Thuraya, Globalstar Satellite phone/device, you can choose a Local Phone Number from FIFTY Countries across the globe and have it assigned to your Satellite phone thus significantly reducing your airtime...